The MoveMeant

Amenti Collective

Amenti Movemeant is a method created by Gil the Grid, which spreads awareness about the connection of the body, mind and soul and gives tools on expanding the capabilities of self-expression.
The combination of these different elements result in a movement method where the relationship between the body and mind will be enhanced. Our method seeks to improve movement qualities, or to heal oneself from mental or physical suffering. It can be a confronting method because you reveal your personal strengths and fears at the same time. By learning how to be aware of these polarities, people can heal and ultimately transform themselves.

Within this method we work with layers that reflect upon the human experience. Every person moves in a natural layer of movement and the qualities of these layers reflect a person’s being as well.
This method focuses on challenging our students in a demanding yet healing way to overcome personal boundaries to explore and stimulate everyone’s individual way of moving. Learning how to become more aware of each and every part of the self and connecting towards other people through movement, linking the soul aspect with the mind and body.

What we do

For a living

Amenti Collective Dance Movement Dancers Halls of Amenti Experimental Chakras Forbidden Knowledge Move Spirituality Consciousness Hiphop Hip Hop Contemporary Modern Theatre Awareness


Our showcases are guaranteed to move our audiences. With a wide variety of different dance styles we’re sure to captivate the viewer’s eye. Explosive moments and vivid expressions told through a story with a powerful message is our well known trademark. If you want to give your audience a profound life­lasting experience our showcases are the right choice for you.

Amenti Collective Dance Movement Dancers Halls of Amenti Experimental Chakras Forbidden Knowledge Move Spirituality Consciousness Hiphop Hip Hop Contemporary Modern Theatre Awareness


To truly show the connection people share, we specialize in creating duet showcases, illustrating the different dynamics or relationships 2 people can have with each other. All our duets are completely different from one another varying from intimate heart­breaking stories, to powerful uplifting performances, also showcasing the individual dance styles and skills from our dancers. An Amenti Collective duet is guaranteed to move it’s audience and they are perfect if you have a smaller budget and want to give your audience an intimate experience

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Our mission is to spread awareness and inspire. Throughout workshops we share our knowledge and skills via the Amenti Movemeant Method. In our workshops we put the focus on developing the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the students. Leaving them with a totally different perspective about movement and inspiring them on their way to true self-expression. This can be done on a personal level, or in a group setting. Both providing a unique and life-lasting experience.



It’s always possible to come and join our movemeant courses, which spawned from the method we created. Our courses will teach you a little more in depth about our method, both physically, mentally and spiritually.
Together with other like minded people you will start a small journey in which we play, learn and co-create.


Are you up to something more challenging and one-on-one. In this case our private coachings and trainings are the way to go! We coach you in way which is especially designed for yourself. One of the people we coach is singer Sevdaliza, who’s album just recently was announced “Best of 2017” by “3voor12”. Gil the Grid is also touring the world as her Movemeant coach and dancer / choreographer.


We can enlighten your party at a Festival with open jam’s, workshops and also performances. Mixing serious learning with positive and happy vibes, balancing life under the burning sun or pouring rain. Making new connections with each other, and most importantly with others! Previously we were asked to perform and teach at Burningman the Netherlands, Mandala Festival and Beyond Festiva


Gil the Grid

Gil Gomes Leal / Layer: Sahasrara / Founder / Artistic Leader / Movemeant Coach

As a young child, Gil was always intrigued by understanding everything around him. Being a highly intelligent kid forced to persue a highstandard career, he decided to spend his energy in creative learning during his teenage years. When he found dance a new path opened up to him and he achieved his highest ambition by winning the Juste Debout World Championship.
After he won the title of Experimental world champion, he experienced a void in his dance career. Due to personal affairs in his life at that time, he hit rockbottom by experiencing a Psychotic break down at a age of 21. What kept him going was his love for dancing.
As a very excentric dancer, he started to understand the relationship he had with dance. He learned that most of his trauma’s, experiences and highlights were being relived in his dance and changed his perspective on those experiences. Overtime he healed himself  and his traumas simply became neutral memories.
Born out of a need to bring uplifting art and to inspire others, the birth of Amenti Collective was a fact. It became a gathering of likeminded individuals, a place of guidance for young students ultimately creating a safe haven for everyone to be. He created a place where people can be free to develop their expression of self and to explore new parts of themselves.
Understanding, analyzing and philosophizing every aspect of life are key elements of Gil’s nature. Due to this nature, Gil is able to know things that reach beyond the eye’s sight. His curious and intuitive nature let’s him know what most of the time has not yet been revealed. Gil moves from out the layers of Manipura and Ajna and gained vast knowledge of the self through Sahasrara. This shows in his dance by touching people’s soul like an old shamanic friend. Understanding others and the way they move make him a challenging and confronting figure while dancing. Gil can switch easily from moving graceful to a more raw sense of movement while still remaining clear and sharp in his language. While making Use of all the different layers, he is able to connect patterns into a bigger picture. Unifying mind, body and soul trough movement is what he embodies and teaches to others.

Wesley Vāyu

Wesley Rommy / Layer: Anahata / Movemeant Coach / Dancer

Vāyu, ‘god of the wind’ is his inspiration and he mainly moves and operates from the layer of Anahata as a dancers and as a person. The foundation of his dance lies within the hiphop culture but he also gained a lot more knowledge by studying and learning about different movement disciplines such as martial arts, gymnastics and contemporary based floorwork.
Many say his dance comes across as swift, and smooth like being weightless at times. His obsession with the element of air and the qualities it possessess brought him these skills as he kept developing with this in mind. He uses this concept as a means of communication in his dance. His movements are usually very controlled yet he can easily let go and let the air control him. Through his dance he wants to connect and show people what it means to be themselves, be authentic and  be free in their movement. ‘Air is connected to everything thus so am I’ he says. With this in mind he approaches every relation regarding people and from that perspective tries to see what the connections may or may not bring. This is how he keeps on learning and this is what he wants to pass on.
Wesley is our Movemeant Coach and Astral Windwalker / Airbender. Providing you with the knowledge of movemeant during bootcamps, classes, workshops and moves us during showcases and performances with his swifty movement.

Elia Vitadamo

Business Leader / Creative Producer


By being the Earth Mother of the collective she is in charge of the business side of what we do. Making sure everything that has to do with our production and planning is structurized and done on time. Guiding us through our workspaces, being it at a festival or conference.

Elia has a background in classical dancestyles like ballet, modern and jazz. She later met Gil and Joey at the dance academy where they all graduated, and where she became a more free-of-style mover. After school she decided to discover different artstyles and studied Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy.
Having an interest in many things she found a way in Amenti Collective to combine her planning skills and love for art and all things moving.


We had the privilage and honour to meet The Amenti Collective for the first time when I booked them for our Burning Man Netherlands festival “Where the Sheep Sleep” 3 years ago.

We as an organisation and also the visitors of the festival where flabbergasted and so touched seeing and experiencing the Amenti Movement dance style and performances by this group.

I have never seen such a beautiful, emotional and passionate dance performance as what The Amenti Collective presents. It’s really beyond everything else.

Because of my experiences at the Where The sheep Sleep festival, I have booked Amenti again the next year for the Mandala Festival. Also here the crowd was so moved and touched that tears where rolling everywhere and I am looking forward working again with them during Mandala 2018.

I also want to make the note, that besides this is the most incredible and best dance group in The Netherlands at the moment, all members of this collective are really beautiful souls in their own as well, with Gil the Grid as their inspirational leader,  which makes that I have closed them in my heart forever.

The Amenti collective colors the world a bit more beautiful and I’m proud I have been part of that.

– Burning Marcel

“They worked hard during the Movemeant Workshop from Amenti Collective during the conference called ‘Waanzien’. Student and professional, young and old were moving together! Past fear, learning how to trust yourself and each other. A beautiful sight and and experience I am grateful for.”

– Susanne van Driel / Avans University

Such a blessing being in the presence of Gil The Grid
His workshop at my Empowerment Dance Party was Body and Mindblowing!
Words can not explain his greatness: he is such an incredible dancer and a beautiful spiritual human being with loads of humor!
An Artist you Have to experience

– Denise Sobers

Starbeings at work! Watching you is catharsis. Dear shadowworkers, amazing lightcasters … Thank you deeply for such an amazing (bday) gift at Mandala Festival.

– Aïsha Zafira

Breathtaking beautiful performances and workshops that, for what I experienced, have the ability to deepen the connection with yourself and the world around..

– Monique