Amenti Collective is a dance collective that creates art to inspire others to pursue their own calling. By creating conscious art, magical performances, and mind altering workshops Amenti Collective aims to spread awareness and creativity troughout the globe. While bringing their audience towards a new state of mind and a positive life lasting experience. The collective consists of a select group of dancers with different backgrounds who developed their own voice and individuality. Gil the Grid, founder of Amenti Collective brought all these different energies together to help them and each other develop their crafts and to grow as human beings and as a whole.

The mission of Amenti is to spread more consciousness about life, different aspects within dance, inspiring others to follow their creativity and to show the art our body creates to a bigger audience. It is not a crew, we are not formed to be the best dancers to compete with others, we’re here entirely to bring enlightenment and inspiration to the ones who seek it. Working together as a group to expand our consciousness and our potential as dancers creates an environment in which every member values each other as family. Effortlessly blending all kinds of different dance backgrounds together from ballet to hip hop and modern to krump. Ad up the experimental vision of Gil the Grid results that our performances are, without a doubt, one of a kind.

The Movemeant

Amenti Collective

Amenti Movemeant is a method created by Gil the Grid, which spreads awareness about the connection of the body, mind and soul and gives tools on expanding the capabilities of self-expression.

The combination of these different elements result into a movement method where the relationship between the body and mover will be enhanced. Be it to improve movement qualities, or to heal oneself from mental or physical blockages. It can be a confronting method from time to time, revealing your personal strengths and also fears at the same time. By learning how to be aware of these polarities, one can heal itself and change as a person as well.

Within this method we work with layers, layers that all reflect upon the human experience. Every person has a natural layer of movement and the correlation of these layers reflect upon the person’s being as well,

Within this method we focus on challenging our students in a demanding yet healing way to overcome personal boundaries and to explore and stimulate everyone’s individual way of moving.

Learning how to become more aware of the self and connecting towards other people through movement. Linking the soul aspect with the mind and body.

What we do

For a living

Amenti Collective Dance Movement Dancers Halls of Amenti Experimental Chakras Forbidden Knowledge Move Spirituality Consciousness Hiphop Hip Hop Contemporary Modern Theatre Awareness


Our showcases are guaranteed to move our audiences. With a wide variety of different dance styles we’re sure to captivate the viewer’s eye. Explossive moments and vivid expressions told with a story with a powerful message is our well known trademark. If you want to give your audience a profound life­lasting experience our showcases are the right choice for you.

Amenti Collective Dance Movement Dancers Halls of Amenti Experimental Chakras Forbidden Knowledge Move Spirituality Consciousness Hiphop Hip Hop Contemporary Modern Theatre Awareness


To truly show the connection people share, we specialize in creating duet showcases. Illustrating the different dynamics or relationships 2 people have with each other, each duet is completely different from each other. From intimate heart­breaking stories, to powerful uplifting performances, an Amenti duet is guaranteed to move it’s audience. The duets are perfect if you have a smaller budget and want to give your audience an intimate experience.

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Our mission is to spread awareness and inspire. Throughout workshops we share our knowledge and skills via the Amenti method. In our workshops we put the focus on developing the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the students. Leaving them with a total new vision upon movement and inspiring them on their way to true self-expression. This can be done on a personal level, or in a group setting. Both providing a unique and life-lasting experience.



It’s possible to come and join our movemeant courses, which are based on the method we created. Our courses will teach you a little more in depth about our method, both physically, mentally and spiritually, within 10 classes. Together with other like minded people you will start a small journey in which we play, learn and co-create.


Are you up to something more challenging and one-on-one. In this case our privates are the way to go! We coach you in way which is especially designed for yourself. One of the people we coach is singer Sevdaliza, who’s album just recently was announced “Best of 2017” by “3voor12”


First: Our Artistic Leader

Gil the Grid

Gil Gomes Leal / Layer: Sahasrara / Founder


As a young child, Gil was always intrigued by understanding everything around him. As a highly intelligent kid forced to persue a highstandard career, he decided in his teenager years that he would spend his energy in creative learning. Finding dance, a new path opened up to him and achieved his high ambition at the time; Winning the Juste Debout World Championship.

After he won the title of Experimental world champion, he experienced a void in his dance. Due to personal affairs in his life at the moment, he also hit rockbottom by experiencing a Psychotic break down at a age of 21. But the thing that kept him going was dance.

As a very excentric dancer, he started to see the relationship he had with dance. He could see that most of his trauma’s, experiences, highlights he relived in his dance and change the outcomes of it. Healing himself overtime, until his traumas simply became neutral memories. This drove him to understand his spiritual self en his dance and to develop a method he could share with other people. After years of studying western psychology, eastern spirituality and his high understanding of movement, he developed the method of Amenti.

Born out of a need to bring uplifting art and to inspire others, the birth of Amenti Collective was a fact. A gathering of likeminded individuals, a place for guidance for young students, creating a save haven for everyone to be. Creating a place where people can be freely to persue selfexpression and to explore new parts of themselves.

Understanding, analyzing and philosophize every aspect of life are key elements of Gil’s nature. Due to this nature, Gil is able to know things that reach beyond the eye’s sight. His curious but nonforcing nature lets him know what is not yet revealed. Gil moves fromout the layer of Sahasrara, this shows in his dance by touching people’s soul like an familier old friend. Understanding others and the way they move make him a challenging and confronting figure while dancing. Gil can switch easily from moving graceful to harder movements, catching all layers of life in his dance at the right moment. Using all these different layers, he is able to connect patterns into a bigger picture. Unifying mind, body and soul trough movement is what he embodies and teaches to others.


Meet the collective

Matilde Tommasini

Layer: Svadhisthana


Svadhisthana is her main layer which she mastered in. Her movements are like water: unpredictable, fluid, and very organic due to her contemporary background. She moves in Svadhisthana because as a person who feels emotions very strongly, she
can express that easily through her movement. She can heal in that layer mainly through touch. Extracting certain emotions that the individual is surpressing or is unfamiliar with. As a core member of Amenti collective she can control her layer in all its aspects and adapt that movement to different layers aswell.

Wesley Vāyu Rommy

Layer: Anahata


Vāyu, ‘god of the wind’ is his inspiration The foundation of his movement lies within the free flow and swiftness of air. It allows him to communicate through different states of air and also the absence of it at times. His movement is very controlled yet he can easily let go and let the air control him. Communication is a major part of the air element and through his dance he shows people what it means to be authentic and free about their movement. ‘Air is connected to everything thus so am I’ he says. With this in mind he approaches every relation regarding people from that perspective and tries to see what the connections may or may not bring through logic. This is how he learns and this is what he wants to pass on.

Gerald Carolie

Vortex Grid / Layer: Ajna


As a little intuitive kid , he saw images in patterns of symbols. In his dance he uses his arms to create these symbols and illusions. Since he mastered the layer of Ajna, getting drawn into a certain state or space, hypnotizing the viewer into a meditative state. As a core member of Amenti, he is also developing himself as a choreographer and often performs the role assisent choreographer.

More coming soon


The word Amenti comes from “The Halls of Amenti”. A place inside the ancient pyramids where people who were under spiritual training could ascend. Ascension means moving to a higher, non physical state. Some call it heaven, some the fifth dimension or home. This place was specially built to test people’s negative aspects. It was a place where only a few could succeed to the next and higher step. We certainly don’t have the physical aspects of Amenti, but we’re here together to ascend in our own ways as dancers and as people. By showing our art, we will make people awake to pursue their own Amenti. Making this world a better place by doing what we love most.


In Amenti Collective we work within seven different layers. We don’t work with existing styles, we differentiate with our intention and energy. There are up to 7 layers, but we mostly use 6 in our dance. They are in parallel with the 7 chakras. If movement is energy, and those are our energy points, we can move throughout those chakra’s and express different stories or energies. Those layers always reflect on the personal being aswell. Healing or improving those layers will also reflect on the being, which leads to a path of selfimprovement and knowledge of the self. Making others aware of that is one of the driving forces behind the collective. Helping others while helping ourselves in the process was that vision that inspired us to do.


At a later stage, the emphasis will not only be on dance, but various artforms aswell. Visual artist will have a place where they can easily manifest their inspiration and work together with other like minded artists. A studio for both dancers and artists to work freely, next to dance pieces, create expositions where both are introduced as a inspirational matter. Inspiring others to truly selfexpress is the main goal of Amenti. If we are part of the same or made in it’s image, that is the way yo express god or oneness. Creativity is god.